ZigBee Technology
Modbus Gateway RS485 / RS232 / USB / Ethernet

A gateway connects computers, SCADA systems and other monitoring systems to the ZigBee network utilizing Modbus protocols and RS-232, RS-485, USB or Ethernet-connection.
  • Protocol converter from Modbus/RTU to ZigBee
  • Coordinator function for a ZigBee network
  • Transparent bridge towards other ModBus devices
ZigBee Repeater (Mains Powered)

Its function is to extend the radio range of devices making it possible to cross obstacles or long distances; it can also act as a parent device for battery powered sensors of the same family.

  • Repeating ZigBee messages between devices with poor link or out of coverage
  • Routing function
  • RF power 10mW
ZigBee Bridge - Modbus RS485

The bridge has the main function to connect through a ZigBee network one or more Modbus slave devices equipped with RS485 interface to one of the gateways of the 4-Noks product family. In this way the PLC or PC-SCADA connected gateway can communicate with Modbus slave devices eliminating wire installation. It can also act as a repeater and a parent device for battery powered sensors.

  • Connecting Modbus devices to the ZigBee network
  • Using Modbus/RTU protocol and RS485 interface
  • Routing function

In order to maintain an "open system", a ZigBee Bridge has been developed, this device lets you connect to a third party Modbus Master via the ZigBee wireless network, devices using the Gateway, Bridge and other 4 Noks modules.
Sensors & Controls

Various wireless, configurable and battery-operated detectors and control units: - temperature, lighting and humidity detectors - digital and analogue detector inputs - relay controller units - pulse, phase and hall-effect detectors

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Main Meter Monitoring

It is equipped with an optical input that can be connected to an electricity meter, this input controls an incremental counter.
Its task is to acquire inputs and send the data it acquires and generates to a compatible Gateway at regular intervals. The device requires an uninterruptible 12/24 Vdc (or 12/24 Vac) power supply.
Main Meter - Pulse Counter

It is capable to count pulses emitted from flow rate meters (water, gas, electricity) and to measure the temperature from both the 2 on board NTC inputs. Pulse counters and temperature samples are sent at regular intervals to a gateway of 4-noks products family. Moreover, if temperature sensors are installed into an hydraulic circuit in the inlet and outlet pipes this device can send the difference between them.
Monitor & Control
  • ModBus profile on ZigBee platform
  • Router function
  • Power and Electrical Energy measurement (monophase) up to 15KW (70Amp external CT)
  • Data logger up to 1 month
  • Digital output for external relay
  • Stand-by killer
  • Hour by hour weekly program timer (automatic on/off/stand-by killer)
  • Override push-button

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